Signature Project Concept
Rotary Club of Eugene Airport is committed to service in its local and world communities.  Since its inception, our club has successfully participated in a variety of short-term local projects.  The club now seeks to build on this work by fostering the development of a larger-scale local effort that is long-term and sustainable in addressing homelessness and housing security in our community.

Project Concept Considerations
  • It is important to note that this project concept was developed prior to the onset of the coronavirus.  
  • It is not known at this time what impact(s) the progression of this disease will have on our community, or even how it might shape project proposals.  
  • However, our club remains committed to evaluating all proposals that address homelessness and housing security.  

Signature Project Funding

  1. Proposed projects may be multi-phase and multi-year.  
  2. First-year funding from this grant is estimated at $10,000, and may be increased at Airport Rotary’s option. 
  3. Applications for lesser amounts will be also considered.

  Signature Project Concept Timeline

  • Fall 2018 Presentation of Concept to Club
  • Spring 2019 Club Survey-Narrowed focus to a Project to Address Homelessness or Housing Security as primary interest
  • Fall 2019 Community Survey –agencies who work in field in our club’s service area
  • Winter 2020 Development of Request for Proposals (RFP) for community application 
  • Spring 2020 Board review of RFP
  • Summer 2020 Club Presentation of RFP process at a club meeting
  • Fall (by close of 2020) 2020 RFPs due by Mon. Dec. 14, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Projects will be evaluated on their:

  • ability to address homelessness and housing security; 
  • use of other funding sources; 
  • utilization of Rotary Club of Eugene Airport volunteers in hands-on project elements; 
  • organization’s record of successful project implementations; and
  • the proposal’s ability to effectively recognize Rotary Club of Eugene Airport’s role and participation in this work.

Process for proposal evaluation:

  • Proposals will receive a preliminary evaluation by a sub-committee of club members, which may include personal interviews. 
  • The top proposals will be provided to and certified by the club’s Board of Directors as meeting required criteria.  
  • The organizations receiving this certification will be contacted and requested to present key aspects of their project to the club’s membership. 
  • Following presentations (estimated at 3), the club’s membership will select a proposal and recommended funding. 
How can club members help?
  1. Provide feedback about Request for Proposals (RFP)
  2. Share RFP when published on club website
  3. Serve on reading and evaluation committee for proposals after deadline for applications
  4. Attend club meetings and evaluate proposal presentations based on rubric and survey
  5. Participate in the hands on project associated with the signature project
  6. Tell the story of our club’s signature project
Signature Project Project Committee Post Selection
  • Monitor project (reports from recipient organization)
  • Solicit support from area clubs
  • Partner on related grant proposals
  • Coordinate hands on service opportunity associated with project for club membership
  • Ensure club signature on project is visible
  • Publicize project


Click here for Agency Letter and Request for Proposals.


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